• Iceland Spring

    Natural Ultra Pure Glacier Spring Water originates in the mountain high above Heiðmörk.

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  • pH 8.88

    By drinking Iceland Spring Water with a pH level of 8.88 you can help your body maintain a healthy pH level by reducing acidity in your body and restoring its natural balance.

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  • Purity

    Iceland Spring water is an all natural spring water, originating in the nature reserve Heiðmörk in Iceland. Iceland Spring is considered some of the purest water in the world, it’s as pure as it gets.

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  • Healthy Water

    Icelanders live longer than any other nationality. A pollution-free environment provides Iceland with some of the best tasting tap water on Earth, even the rivers and streams are 100% safe to drink from

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From some of our Happy Customers

  • M.L. Radeethap Tewakul

    With only 12 weeks of drinking Iceland Spring, I can feel that my body is healthier and more refreshing.

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  • M.R. Jantra Ladda Yukol

    Building up of Calcium Level for children is very important. Iceland Spring water with its pH 8.88 can enduce the process of Calcium Building naturally which is perfect for pregnant women, children and everyone.

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  • Paul Sirisan

    With only 12 weeks of drinking Iceland Spring Water, I can see that my hormonal level in my body is tremendously reduced back to a normal condition even though my lifestyle and daily consumption habit stays the same.

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  • Parva Nakasai


    I drink Iceland Spring water not only because it is a mineral water. But because of its alkalinity of pH 8.88 which help to reduce the acidity level of your body to prevent as well as reducing the risk of acid reflux disease

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  • Saraichatt Kunchorn Na Ayuthaya

    By only knowing all the health benefits by drinking Iceland Spring water, I started to drink this amazing water. I can tell you that my body is much more healthier and refreshing all the time. Because of this amazing feeling that I get from just drinking Iceland Spring water, I would like to share this experience to everyone.

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